Trick Your Body into Feeling Cooler

It may not sound very convincing, but applying a minty lip balm can make your entire body feel cooler. So bring one with you at all times! You can also focus on cooling down your nape with wet tissues because this is where the brain senses and regulates body temperatures.

However, these are just temporary measures to make you feel better. Your skin can still suffer from rashes, itching, hypersensitivity and enlarged pores if the temps are too high.



  • Stay Hydrated

The most natural way to beat the heat is by drinking water. It also prevents dehydration by replenishing body fluids lost through sweating, which in turn helps regulate skin temperature.



  • Use Wipes

In such heat, use minty facial or deodorant body wipes. A deodorant wipe instantly removes sweat and odour, leaving skin refreshed and pleasantly scented while also preventing further sweating. Alcohols in wipes take heat away from skin as they evaporate. Just make sure your skin isn’t allergic to alcohol.



  • Use a Spray

On several occasions, one cannot use wipes, especially when you’ve applied makeup. Use a facial mist or body spray to hydrate your skin in such conditions. A facial mist on your desk comes in handy when you feel like dozing off in the office. It’s multi-functionality is of quite value. Look for ingredients like mint, camphor, tea tree oil, lime, grapefruit, cucumber, aloe or coconut for a cooling kick.



  • Apply a Mask

Storing your skin care products in the fridge not only prevents ingredients from losing their potency, but also makes them more soothing on skin. If exposed to sun, apply a chilled mask be it hydrogel, kelp or foil mask to instantly relief your burnt skin.Use clay masks and peel-off masks designed specifically to cool your skin.



  • Apply Cooling Gel

Aloe vera is a magical plant – it can moisturise, calm and firm skin, and heal minor sunburn, wounds and acne. Chilled aloe gel on heated skin not only cools it down, but can also ease muscle pain especially after outdoor sports.


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