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As the summer is coming to an end, it’s time to switch up your hair care routine. The cooler fall weather brings dry, cold air, which can make your tresses frizzy, brittle, and totally unmanageable. The combination of heated indoors & cold outdoors along with long hot showers can wreak havoc on your hair. The Vitamin Company is here with an amazing Hair Care Treatment Routine for you to keep your hair strong and thick this Fall/Autumn Season, which includes Shampoo, Oil, Supplements, and Cream.

If your hair is delicate and tends to give in to the harsh environments or your hair has been damaged prior, due to any injury/disease then this Hair Care Treatment is the best bet you can make to keep your hair protected and well-nourished.

Without any more wait, we present to you our best methods/choices for the best Hair Care routine this fall.



Regular Oiling

When it comes to oiling, calling it a superfood for our hair wouldn’t be wrong. Because of its rich conditioning & moisturizing properties, it’s ideal to use in everyday Hair Care Routine. You can use it as a regular conditioner or for hot oil treatments, either way, your locks are destined to gain the many benefits of hair oiling.

You can opt for many hair oils available in the market or you can opt for The Vitamin Company’s Best Haircare Range in Pakistan which also includes it’s widely used & appreciated Hair Oils.

These Oils guarantee to give your hair a visible shine & stronger foundation within days. Moreover, it provides deep moisturizing making your mane look fuller & healthier. They can also be used as a light hair serum to avoid frizzy hair.


Shampoo & Conditioning

It’s Winter, so it’s very common to have dry brittle hair. Like it or not, our hair tends to get rough, split, get dandruff & even go through some major breakage during this month. But, you can easily avoid it by using Vita Hair Shampoo.

This shampoo prevents hair loss & promotes hair regrowth. It counters the effects of hair loss due to disease, male patterned baldness, dandruff, illness, childbirth, menopause & aging.

It’s very easy to use as well. Just Part your hair & apply a small amount 2 times a day, directly onto the scalp in the area where there is thinning/loss of hair. Spread the cream evenly over the area of hair loss. Continued use is necessary to keep re-growing your hair.

Make sure to use a quality cleanser that washes away normal wear and tear from the environment like pollution and smoke, but does not strip your hair of its natural oils and lipids.


Give your Scalp Extra Dose of Moisturizing

It’s vital to add a mask or gloss treatment, which will condition ends and give your hair lots of healthy shine. Consider a bi-weekly The Vitamin Company’s deep conditioning treatment to combat static and tangles that come with fall hats and scarves. Just 10 minutes a few times a week is all you need to keep hair healthy.

You can also use our Vita Hair Vitamins for combatting the thinning and whitening of your hair. This is a unique formula that contains a herbal blend of Vitamin A, C & E along with Biotin and B Complex Vitamins. These ingredients make this supplement highly effective for treating damaged hair due to whitening and thinning.


Summer was meant for air drying—after all, who wants to spend all that time with a blow-dryer when you’re just going to take a dip in the pool later, right? But fall is a different story. While you can (and should!) air dry your hair this season for a curly or wavy look, you may be interested in blow-drying or straightening your hair now that the weather isn’t quite as hot.



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