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What is Collagen? Why should you know about it? The answers may be more important than you think!

You may have heard about Collagen many times from your medical specialists, beauticians, dermatologists or even cosmetics ads and products and how good it really is for your body, especially skin. Obviously, all that hearsay must have given…
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Chronic Joint and Muscle Pain - Causes and Treatment

Chronic Joint and Muscle Pain is a worrisome condition where the pain is long-lasting and extremely severe. It is a growing problem all over the world, and a leading reason for disability. It is most common in older people although it can occur…
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Hay Fever - Symptoms, Causes & Effects

Spring is a lovely season to go outdoors enjoy the sunshine and gentle breeze, especially because it comes after the harsh cold winters. But it’s not as pleasant as it seems for everyone. As you breathe in the fresh air you may also be at…
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Bodybuilding Supplements - Uses, Benefits & Effects

Health is the biggest wealth, and to lead a healthy life, exercise is a must for every human being. Sure, it does require a lot of motivation and inspiration to get up and go for that long run or head to the gym or do whatever type of workout…
Quick Fix Pain Relief - Body Care

How to Cure Joint, Muscle & Back-pain Immediately

Chronic pain is something we all experience every day. While there can be multiple reasons leading to this constant suffering, the most common one is old age. Also, today’s tech-savvy environment, spending hours and hours sitting in front…