The holiest month on the Islamic calendar has already started and like every year, all the Muslims are excited to make the most out of it. Ideally, it involves abstaining yourself from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual relations from dawn to dust in order to increase the consciousness of God. But, apart from a ton of spiritual benefits that Ramadan brings with itself, the health benefits are equally numerous. So, if you are looking to make both your eeman and health better this Ramazan, this article is for you!

Weight Loss:

Fasting is hands down the best way to lose all the extra weight, specially the belly fat. But, only if you take it slow on those ‘samosas’ and ‘pakoras’ during iftaar! So, fill your hunger pangs with less ‘pakoras’and more fruit chaat to achieve the physique you’ve always dreamt of.


A Healthy Heart:

If you are a workaholic, always glued to your computer with a belly rounder than the full moon, you are probably a victim of high cholesterol as well. And, it’s a known fact that high levels of cholesterol can considerably increase the risk of  heart diseases. So, when you are fasting, the bad cholesterol is washed out of your body, the triglyceride levels come back to normal and eventually your heart is as healthy as ever.


Diabetic Best Friend:

Bread and rice are our everyday go-to carbs when preparing meals. While they are essential for both our brain and body to keep working, an excess of them can cause the insulin in our bodies to resist which often paves the way towards diabetes type 2 and other chronic diseases. So this Ramadan, plan on keeping your meals low on carbs and let this holy month bless you religiously!


Fast Mind:

Intermittent fasting is the new ‘it’ thing for fitness fanatics. This fasting can improve the cognitive function of the brain. Now you may ask why? That’s because it increases the amount of a factor called the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor which is linked to enhancements in learning, memory and overall intelligence. Therefore, don’t worry if you or your sibling/kid is giving finals this Ramazan, because all it’s gonna do is help you become a brainiac!

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