Ever heard of Zinc? Of course you might have been taught in your chemistry class that Zinc is an element in the periodic table having an atomic number of 30 and abbreviated as Zn. You might have also heard about Zinc being used in the metal industry regularly with other common elements like copper and iron. But, what you might not know is that what does Zinc do to your body as a supplement? Why and how it should be consumed? Do not worry anymore, because this article is purely dedicated to tell you that.


What is Zinc as a supplement?

Zinc is also called an ‘essential trace element’ because the human body requires a very low amount of it to be consumed. Zinc is a mineral that can be taken directly by mouth through meals and supplements or injected into the veins. Although, the human body requires a low amount of Zinc, but, its benefits and how important it is for a healthy life are countless. Its deficiency can cause catastrophic results to your health and well-being. Zinc deficiency is mostly common in children. In Pakistan, according to a research, 20.6% children are Zinc deficient.


Why Zinc is important to your body?

Zinc should be a vital part of your diet. Especially for kids, as it can help them in their growth and fight infections. It has numerous advantages to both male and female body. They include:

  •         Diarrhea

Zinc helps in reducing the intensity of diarrhea. Taking it as additional supplement also prevents future spells of it.

  •         Wilson’s disorder

Wilson’s disorder is a disease in which the body produces excessive amounts of copper. Zinc supplements helps the body to absorb and release certain and controlled amounts of copper.

  •         Acne

Some researches have shown that acne are caused because of lower amount of zinc in blood and skin. Taking Zinc supplements along with other antibiotics can help treat acne.

  •         Activates T lymphocytes (T-cells)

T-cells are responsible for controlling and regulating immune responses, attacking infected and cancerous cells. Zinc helps the body to activate them.

  •         Memory and Learning

Zinc has a vital role to play in how the neurons in the brain communicate with each other. Additional supplements help the body to learn and memorize things better.

  •         Cold fighting

Zinc supplements helps in fighting common cold by reducing its duration and intensity by upto 40%. It can even be sprayed into the nostrils.

  •         Wound healing

Zinc has a special benefit of healing wound and burns. It reduces recovery time by reducing inflammation and bacterial growth.

  •         Male Fertility

Zinc supplement intake can help men to counter impotency. It increases the sperm count and testosterone levels. It also reduces the prostate swelling and pain.

  •         Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones get weaker and become fragile. Zinc can increase the bone mass and help make them stronger, if taken with other supplements like calcium, especially in women.

  •         Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Different studies have shown that children with ADHD also have lower levels of Zinc in their body. Zinc, when taken with various other supplements can help prevent hyperactivity and socialization problems in kids.

  •         Depression

Many researches have shown that people suffering from severe depression also have Zinc deficiency. Taking Zinc along with other antidepressants supplements can improve a person’s mood and depression.

  •         Bad breath

Zinc citrate is a supplement used in toothpaste to prevent dental plaque formation. It is also used in chew gum, candies and mouth rinses to treat bad breath.

  •         Pneumonia

Taking zinc supplements can help prevent Pneumonia. Undernourished kids in developing countries like Pakistan can and should benefit from it as zinc deficiency rates are higher in those countries.

  •         Pregnancy

Zinc can help prevent from prolonged birth. It has also been reported to reduce the pain in women during the delivery. Taking Zinc supplements during pregnancy can also help women keep lower blood sugar level to prevent Diabetes.

  •         Vision

Zinc is present in high concentrations in the eye. Intake of its supplements can help restore night vision in pregnant women who develop night blindness. Zinc deficiency has been linked to poor eyesight in children as well.


Other than this, Zinc has also been reported to have helped in preventing hair loss, irritation in eyes and ulcers.

Zinc supplements may have side effects if taken in unsupervised or uncontrolled amount. The side effects may include stomach aches, nausea and vomiting.

Yes, side effects are a real bummer but if you don’t include Zinc in your diet or take it as a supplement then the effects can be adverse. What if you are already suffering from Zinc deficiency? Well, if you feel any of the following symptoms over a prolonged period then it’s better to have it checked and get ready to order the supplements.


What are the symptoms of Zinc deficiency?

Zinc deficiency signs include:

  •         loss of appetite
  •         anemia
  •         slow wound healing
  •         skin conditions such as acne or eczema
  •         abnormal taste and smell
  •         depressed growth
  •         altered cognition
  •         depression
  •         diarrhea
  •         hair loss


What amount of Zinc should be taken daily?

Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) states that 8mg for women and 11mg for men, a day, of zinc must be consumed. For pregnant women it is 11 mg a day while for lactating women it is 12mg a day. For infants, RDA has recommended 2mg Zinc intake a day whereas for older children it states that 3-8 mg a day should be taken depending on the age. Additional amount of Zinc can be taken in form of the supplements.

Zinc can be taken via daily food you eat. It is abundant in red meat, eggs, yogurt, peas and rice. However, it can be also taken via supplements along with various other minerals for best results. The Vitamin Company provides a tailor-made product known as ‘Vita Zinc’ to fulfill your body’s need of Zinc. This product has been carefully manufactured along with other minerals like Vitamin B & C and folic acid so that your body can benefit from Zinc as much as possible.


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