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How to Cure Joint, Muscle & Back-pain Immediately

Chronic pain is something we all experience every day. While there can be multiple reasons leading to this constant suffering, the most common one is old age. Also, today’s tech-savvy environment, spending hours and hours sitting in front of a screen working, lack of outdoor activities, and a diet lacking in healthy nutrition has also hugely contributed to it.

But remember, while pain is inevitable, suffering is not. THE VITAMIN COMPANY has come up with an amazing product Quick Fix Natural Capsicum Extract Pain Relief Patch which ensures total freedom from joint & muscle pain caused by strains, bruises, arthritis, backaches & sprains. It is also best to use for sore muscles & highly recommended for muscular pains.


· A pain relief patch is a thin bandage like product mixed in with adhesives

· When applied to the skin the medicine seeps into the skin through the patch and provides pain relief to the affected area

· Pain relief patches are the best alternative to heavy dosages of medicines and also is the fastest & surgery free way to provide pain relief to the needed area which can last for hours.


· Fortunately for us, it’s not. This amazing product by THE VITAMIN COMPANY can be cut into smaller patches and can be easily used on knees, elbows, back, hip area and possibly any area on body.

· These patches can also be applied on a bruise just about anywhere on the body.

· They can also be used for patients suffering from Arthritis or to treat sprains & strains


· This All Natural QUICKFIX pain patch needs some time after applying at the affected area, to be absorbed into the skin and then into the body where it’s supposed to work its magic. So, for back aches, muscle strain & bruises it could take up to 25–30 minutes, but once it starts working the relief stays for for hours.

· QUICKFIX Natural Capsicum Extract Pain Relief Patch has an advantage of lasting 24 hours or more & can be used twice daily to get relief from pain and inflammation.


What makes QUICKFIX Natural Capsicum Extract Pain Relief Patch so amazing is the Capsicum extract well known for relieving body pain. Capsaicin, its active ingredient, has powerful pain-relieving properties when it’s applied to the skin

· Capsaicin is capsicum extract which provides a warm sensation to affected area when applied & works best for shoulder pain, backaches, strains, sprains, bruises & can even be cut out into smaller patches for your elbow, knee & foot

· In fact, if your lower back pain feels better when using a heating pad, then a hot capsaicin patch can act as a substitute for the heating pad when a heating pad is not convenient.

· A capsaicin patch is a great alternative to capsaicin cream, since you do not touch as much of the product and risk getting it in your eyes.

QUICKFIX Natural Capsicum Extract Pain Relief Patch is best to use for

. Arthritis, as well as joint or muscle pain

· Nerve pain from shingles and other painful skin conditions that happens even after the skin blisters can also healed.

· Pain from nerve damage in the feet or legs

· Low back pain, according to several studies.


Pain patches can be difficult & painful to remove, but if you follow our instructions properly it can be removed quite easily. Just soak the area in warm water and wait for the patch to loosen up. Shower and bath time can be a perfect time to remove the old patch and replace it with a new one, especially for overnight use.

For best results, try combining the QUICKFIX Natural Capsicum Extract Pain Relief Patch with a proper diet and exercise and you will soon see results.

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