How to avoid itchy mosquito bites this season


Mosquitoes are a rude creature. They do not care about how or what you are doing, they will fly in and start feeding on your blood while also teasing you and making your life a living hell. You can swing and clap your hands all you want but they just don’t go away, do they? Not only this, but they also leave a deep red mark or scar with itchiness for a long time, and even worse, they can wreck your health care and give you life threatening diseases like malaria, dengue fever and yellow fever.


Mosquitoes are the worst, we know that, so how exactly can you avoid their dangerous and itchy bites? Well, for starters, we would recommend using The Vitamin Company’s all natural mosquito repellent Mos Hit spray and lotion. It is made up of harmless chemicals that do not damage your body. 

For more ways to learn to avoid mosquito bites, keep reading!


  1.      Planning Vacations? Check if your destination is a mosquito active area or not


If you’re planning to go on a holiday to someplace, you better check out if the mosquito related diseases are common there or not. A simple Google search can do it for you. It’s better to be prepared than to be sorry, obviously.


  1.      Avoid wearing dark colors

It is a well-known fact that mosquitoes are attracted to dark colors. Try wearing light-colored clothes so that these bloodthirsty creatures can stay away from you. It is believed to be so because the contrasting dark colored clothes provide against the horizon during dusk when mosquitoes are most active. This is why it is advised to wear neutral and pale colored clothes to avoid mosquito bites.

Usually, mosquitoes will bite on any exposed area of your skin. So wearing full-sleeved clothes is also a good idea to keep those nasty bite marks away.


  1.    Use insect repellents

As mentioned earlier, the best way to keep mosquitoes at bay is to use repellents. You are in luck because we have a tailored-made product only for you. The Vitamin Company’s Mos Hit  provides relief from all sort of insect bites and at the same time keeps your skin fresh and moisturized. It is a non-greasy repellent that can be sprayed on skin and clothes. It can also act as a body deodorant because of its pleasant fragrance. Apply it in later parts of the day when mosquitoes are most active. Its strength and long lasting effect makes sure that mosquitoes do not come near you.


  1.    Remove Standing Water

Standing Water provides the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes!

We may have a habit of keeping buckets full of water outside or inside the bathroom but did you know that by doing so, you are welcoming mosquitoes in to your house? Therefore, it is wise to empty those buckets full of water.


  1.    Use an insect net

This is one of the most old and effective technique to avoid itchy mosquito bites. Through ages people have been using this method to get rid of mosquitoes and even today, when you ask your elders about preventing mosquito bites, they would still recommend using nets. This is a cheap as well as a well-proven, conventional and a successful way of prevent mosquito bites.


  1.   Keep air circulated

Mosquitoes are not strong fliers. They cannot handle extra air pressure. This is why they mostly active during the dusk and dawn time, when air pressure is low.

By using a fan you can keep the circulation of air in flow so that mosquitoes cannot come near you and you can remain at peace and bite-free.


  1.   Keep mosquitoes outside

Keep your windows and doors shut, especially during dusk and dawn because this is the time when mosquitoes are most active. Even if you want to open your windows for a nice breeze to come in, make sure that there’s a net behind it so that mosquitoes do not sneak in with the wind.


Other than these methods, some other conventional ways to avoid mosquito bites may include

your eating habits – according to some people some foods and drinks make mosquitoes more attracted to you than other, for example, beer.

Applying home made remedies like oatmeal and oil of lemon eucalyptus might also help fighting against the itchiness from the mosquito bites.

Showering daily to rid of bacteria and odour that attract mosquitoes can also help.


Remember, your skin care is only in your hands!


So, these are some of the ways how you can avoid itchy mosquito bites. Keep these in mind and implement these ideas to get the best results. For more health related tips, visit:




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