Humans have tried a lot of things to improve their sexual experience for a number of years, including trying to find best foods for sex.

Foods for circulation and stamina:

Keeping the circulatory system in good working order is essential for sexual health. Better circulation within the body can lead to a better sexual response in both, men and women. This is especially true for the erectile response which will lead to a healthy sex life.



Diet includes:

  • Fruits & vegetables
  • Whole grains & Fiber
  • Healthful oils, such as olive and sunflower oil
  • Seafood, nuts, and legumes

Also, many of the foods featured in a heart-healthy diet, such as avocados, asparagus, nuts, seafood, and fruit, have associations with better sex in both traditional medicine and research.


Foods that boost libido:

Aphrodisiacs are commonly used to help people improve their libido.

Oysters are among the most famous aphrodisiacs in history as they contain zinc in it. Now, zinc is something body needs every day for many vital functions, such as cell metabolism, stamina, and regular testosterone level.



Some examples of other foods that are high in zinc are:

  • Crab
  • Lobster
  • Red meat
  • Fortified breakfast cereal
  • Pine nuts

Libido boosters:

  • Asian and American ginseng
  • Fenugreek
  • Maca

Foods that help maintain erection:

When a person has difficulty getting and maintaining an erection, doctors refer to it as ED.

One has to understand it’s physical, mental, and emotional factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction to help oneself in choosing a diet that promotes better sex.



Factors that contribute to ED include:

  • Problems with blood flowing into and staying in the penis
  • Damage to nerve centres in the penis
  • Side effects of medication and radiation
  • Depression, anxiety and stress

Foods rich in flavonoids include:

  • Berries
  • Citrus fruits
  • Grapes
  • Apples
  • Hot peppers
  • Cocoa products
  • Red wine
  • Tea (green, white, and black)


There have been many people looking up to their diet to increase their sexual performance, ability to have pleasure from sex. On the contrary, research indicates links between particular foods and better sex, those seeking the best food for sex should ensure they are eating a balanced, heart-healthy diet.

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