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What is it? Also known as withdrawal, the pull-out technique is a standout amongst the most fundamental types of birth control, primarily used during penile-vaginal intercourse. To use this technique, the penis must be withdrawn from the vagina before ejaculation to counteract semen entering the vagina, enabling you to avoid pregnancy without relying on some […]


Belly fat doesn’t only look bad, but it is also linked to diseases like Type 2 Diabetes and other heart problems. Well, most people wonder how they can lose the excess amount of fat on their belly. The answer is pretty simple; it is by getting rid of the T-R-A-S-H (treats (the sweet ones), refined foods, […]


Who doesn’t like to have a perfect body, lustrous hair, and a bucket load of likes on their Instagram profiles? What’s with the people being crazy about gym-ing and having a strict workout routine? Is being fit really that important? Of course, it is! Call it peer pressure, celebrity influence, or simply growing self-worth that […]


The holiest month on the Islamic calendar has already started and like every year, all the Muslims are excited to make the most out of it. Ideally, it involves abstaining yourself from eating, drinking, smoking and sexual relations from dawn to dust in order to increase the consciousness of God. But, apart from a ton […]

Hyper-pigmentation: Living hell

Most of us have been living in the typical Asian families where fair skin has been an obsession on an incalculable number of times. And it doesn’t finish there. If somehow you suffer from a skin disease, or have even the tiniest bit of a pigmented area on your face, everyone in a random family […]


With the rapid industrialization, human-caused environmental change has already increased the frequency and severity of heatwaves across the globe. The new research demonstrates that heatwaves will get even worse as the planet warms further. Scientists have found that climate change played a major role in recent heatwaves be it Europe, Australia or the Middle East. On a […]


You can never under any circumstances thank her enough! Somebody who invests so much but doesn’t get paid for enduring the brunt of carrying you for 9 months? You call her a mother. Somebody who magnanimously does everything but still raves about your smallest accomplishments. As a mom, it’s easier to put everyone else’s needs before […]


Now-a-days, the people around us have raised the bar of carrying ourselves in public by giving themselves importance. The dressing sense varied from places to places seeing the variety of cultures, but face had to be the uncovered portion mostly. With the rapid industrialization, the idea of taking care of the skin has hit women […]

Tips for better looking skin without using makeup

Trick Your Body into Feeling Cooler It may not sound very convincing, but applying a minty lip balm can make your entire body feel cooler. So bring one with you at all times! You can also focus on cooling down your nape with wet tissues because this is where the brain senses and regulates body […]

Must-have Household Products Every Home Needs!

We all dream of having a beautiful house full of all the luxury items our mind can think of. It probably has a huge lawn with a pool, a lot of space and some most amazing household items. But, whether it’s your first apartment or a new house, you really only need the absolute essentials […]