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7 Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements You Never Knew

7 Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements You Never Knew At least once in our life we all have thought about following a supplement free, healthy life. Yeah, we all have been there and we all have dropped our idea within a week. Not many of us have a perfectly balanced diet and that reflects in […]

How to avoid itchy mosquito bites this season

  How to avoid itchy mosquito bites this season   Mosquitoes are a rude creature. They do not care about how or what you are doing, they will fly in and start feeding on your blood while also teasing you and making your life a living hell. You can swing and clap your hands all […]

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Lose Weight, not your Health… Here’s How!

Obesity is a real and growing problem in today’s world and if you’re also struggling with it, you’re not alone. Excessive weight not only blemishes your physical appearance but it also increases the risk of various life-threatening diseases which include diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, to name a […]


How to Cure Joint, Muscle & Back-pain Immediately

Chronic pain is something we all experience every day. While there can be multiple reasons leading to this constant suffering, the most common one is old age. Also, today’s tech-savvy environment, spending hours and hours sitting in front of a screen working, lack of outdoor activities, and a diet lacking in healthy nutrition has also […]


Vita White: Skin Whitening Solution That Actually Works

Ladies, are you suffering from low self-esteem & embarrassed to be seen in public because of uneven & lifeless skin? Exhausted by spending money on whitening products that do NOT work? If any of the above questions sound familiar, then you are not alone in this. Radiant, glowing skin has always been linked with beauty. […]



Is it possible to achieve your ideal height? Many of us would like to have an answer to this question. The answer is quite simple, YES. With puberty comes a lot of different changes in your body both internally & externally, but it does not mark the point at which you will no longer grow. […]