Malaria is a lethal disease caused when the female Anopheles mosquito bites and infects the human body. Yes, mosquitoes suck, literally and metaphorically. Once infected, the parasites multiply in the bloodstream and liver of that person. This parasite can then be carried by another mosquito and this way the vicious cycle of malaria starts.

There is currently no pre-vaccination available for malaria. Like the great sages have repeatedly said throughout the years, “Prevention is indeed better than cure”. Therefore, here are 5 simple hacks to keep you from getting bed-ridden with malaria!


Cover your beds with nets

The most ideal way to keep your family safe from mosquitos during the night is to use mosquito nets over the bed. This ensures complete protection and is also chemical-free. This net form a protective barrier around people sleeping under it.

Furthermore, you can even get an insecticide-treated net as it will act as a repellent to mosquitos and in-turn malaria. So, stop wasting your blood on mosquitos and start living a healthy life with these mosquito nets.



Keep your windows and doors shut

Tightly shut your windows and doors. Do this every evening, because that’s when mosquitos enter your rooms and hide in the dark corners. However, if you want to enjoy the cool breeze while repelling the mosquitos- then you get a window net that will help the mosquitos keep away.

Also, if you decide to keep the windows open then place a fan next to you. As mosquitos are weak fliers strong gush of air can make it difficult for them to get to you.



Remove standing water 

Standing water is a hub for mosquito breeding. Therefore, you should remove standing water from buckets, and other places. Also, keep changing the water in pet bowls every 7 days and keep your gutters clean.



Mosquito Repellents are your best friends

Stock up on mosquito repellent creams, sprays, and machine plug-ins to avoid mosquitos. It is recommended to use creams with ingredients like lemon oil, picaridin, methyl nonyl ketone, and eucalyptus.

Most mosquito repellents evaporate from the skin and block the mosquito’s sense of smell (which is their way of identifying their target). So, while going out or before sleeping, slather on some mosquito repellent cream on your arms and legs.



Get your tailor to attach sleeves to your sleeveless shirts

Keep your summer clothes locked up in your cupboards while going to sleep. Wear full sleeves, and clothes that cover the entirety of your body. This will prevent your skin from coming in contact with mosquitos and therefore making it hard for them to bite you. Also, wear light-colored clothes as dark-colored clothes attract mosquitos and consequently malaria.



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