A stroke needs immediate medical help. But, quick thinking and intervention might help to increase a person’s chance of survival.

What you should know that strokes happen when the blood supply to the brain is blocked. So, how do you deal with someone around you who goes through a stroke? Here are some ways that you can help them out with.



Call an ambulance!

This is not the time to panic. Instead, remain calm and call your local emergency number (1020 for Chippa and 115 for Edhi). Make sure that the person is not around any hazardous area, and if you’re somewhere outside then ensure the person is a safe area away from moving cars.



Easy Position:

Your comfort might slowly be decreasing but keep a check to the fact that the stroke sufferer is in a comfortable position. If they are conscious, then help them lie on their sides with their head and shoulder slightly raised and supported with a pillow. Also, loosen tight clothing and keep on reassuring them that help is on the way.



Note the time:

Tissue plasminogen activator, a clot-busting medication, can be given to people who are victims to a stroke. Therefore, helping to reverse or stop symptoms from developing further. But, it can only be given within four hours since the symptoms started.

So, your role in all of this should be a panic-free person who keeps a track of the time and you potentially might help in saving your friends life.



Keep calm and stay by the side:

At this moment the word calm might not even be crossing your head. But, you need to maintain your calm to help the person out. The person going through the stroke might be disorientated and scared. Therefore, stay nearby, keep talking to them and assure them that help is on the way.



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