Did you just come back home after a long day at the beach, looking like a tomato? Is your skin itchy, painful and literally burning, especially when someone touches it? If so, commiserations! You’ve caused yourself sunburn. Now if you are amongst the careless ones, who didn’t even bother to apply sunblock, start liking yourself and be vigilant! But, to all those who lost track of time while enjoying the beachy waves and washed all that sunblock away, here are some easy ways to treat that stubborn sunburn.


Cold Shower:

Cold showers are the best thing about summers! Not only do they make you feel energetic and refreshed, but the burning sensation of sunburn can also be relieved just by hopping into one. Because cool water reduces excess blood flow to the skin, it can also considerably reduce inflammation and redness.



Lose that tomato with a potato:

Potatoes, being extremely rich in carbohydrates are great to give a soothing effect to your skin. Apart from that, blisters associated with a severe sunburn can also be well taken care of by this starchy veggie. All you have to do is cut an uncooked potato into several slices and apply on all the affected areas. Another way of using it is by crushing them and applying the paste to the burnt areas for instant relief.



No tights and jeans:

One way of making the sunburn heal faster is by wearing loose fit clothing. So, give shalwar kameez a heads up to get rid of both the itchy after effect of sunburn and the swelling and blisters that can only be exacerbated with tight clothing.



Say Hello to Aloe:

Aloe Vera, the ever so popular plant for skin and hair does not only help soothe the burning sunburn, it can also help you get rid of the tan that will make its way on the burnt areas like a mule in later days. Whether it’s the aloe vera gels available in the market or its raw form extracted from the plant itself, Mr. Aloe is the winner for solving all your skin problems.



Don’t Peel:

The burn will take a turn after a few days of the above-mentioned sun encounter when your skin finally starts to peel. This is when the body is trying to get rid of its damaged cells. I know, the urge to rip it all off is very real, but please, control. Instead, resort to moisturizing your skin religiously with water-based moisturizers and wait till it heals on its own.



SPF is your soulmate:

Now that the sun damage has already been done, it is even more crucial for you to protect your skin with sunblock. Many times, we forget to SPF protect our hands and feet. So make sure to lather it all over your body before you step out in the sun.

Even though us desi’s are blessed with the perfect skin tones and the right amount of melanin, it still doesn’t mean that the harmful sun rays can’t damage our skin. So, follow the above-mentioned tips to say both sunburn and suntan a goodbye!


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